Young Leader Training

All Modules and Missions MUST be completed, it is strongly advised that you speak with your Section Leader in regards to providing a written witness statement for each Mission. We also advise asking them to take photos when you are carrying out Missions, and for you to keep any planning materials you have (no matter if you use them or not), as these will be needed to provide evidence towards validation.


Registration – Save/Download/Print Form (complete and return to your Section Leader)

Module A – Prepare For Take Off

Module B – Taking The Lead

Modules C & J – Thats The Way To Do It & Communicate It!

Modules D & F – Understanding behaviour and Making Scouting accessible & inclusive

Module E – Game On!

Module G & H – Programme Planning

Module I – What Did They Say?

Module K – First Response (also requires Zoom session & practical)

Missions 1 – 4 – The Missions & Programme Planning Tool

Optional – Duke Of Edinburghs Award Registration

Official Information

POR – Policy, Organisation and Rules, or POR, is the document which governs everything from badge placement to criteria for permits and rules for running activities. If you want to know how The Scout Association feel about an activity, or if there are any restrictions, this document will have the official answer.

Green Card – This card outlines the rules around the use of alcohol at Scouting events

Purple Card – This card outlines the correct procedure to follow should there be an emergency, including who to contact (and when), safeguarding and a number of Do and Don’t actions

White Card – This card is aimed at safety, and helping you run safe activities, sessions, and events. It contains a number of bullet point taken from POR, to allow for quick referencing

Orange Card – This card is aimed at Young Leaders, and outlines the safeguarding code of practice they should follow

Yellow Card – This card is aimed at Adult Leaders and Volunteers, and outlines the safeguarding code of practice they should follow

Risk Assessment Template – Every activity must be risk assessed before running it, and then the risk assessment reviewed after running, and prior to running again, this includes all games and activities, camps and events.