Grow and learn your way through lots of different activities. Make new friends. Try new things. Have lots of fun along the way.

Squirrel Scouts are a brand new branch to the Scouts family tree. It’s an introduction to new people, the world around them and things they can try.

We’re open to all young people aged between 4 and 6. We’re at the start of our journey on Thursday evenings 5:15pm till 6:15pm.

Every week for one hour during term time our Squirrels meet up to learn new skills and have amazing fun tailored to them.

Get an introduction to indoor and outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative, tell stories and play games. Become a Superhero, a Superchef or a Brilliant Builder!

I promise to do my best
to be kind and helpful
and to love God.

After a few visits to meetings your child will hopefully want to keep coming. If this is the case, your child will then be invested into Scouting in a short ceremony at the end of a meeting. It is at this point you will need to buy your child the Squirrel jumper at the Eastleigh Scout Shop.

At their Investiture, your child will be asked to recite the Squirrel Scout promise and then they will be given their Neckerchief, and their uniform badges.

Squirrels uniform consists of a red sweatshirt with your badges sewn on and a gold coloured necker.

Wearing a uniform is comfy and practical. It means you can run around and get messy without ruining your other clothes. It makes you feel part of a team. It means no one feels uncomfortable or left out and it gives you a place to show off all the brilliant badges you earn.

Become an expert in something you love or try something shiny and new. From athletics and astronomy to photography and pioneering, there’s something for everyone.

If you are wondering where these all go on the uniform then click on the image to see the positions for the different types of badges. Some of these badges will continue to be on the uniform when moving on to Beavers.

More information about the badges available can be found on the Scout Website.

We have space for up to 24 Squirrels in the Otter Drey, and are currently looking for new members to join us.
If you would like your child to join the fun, please fill in the form below