Leader Training

This page contains links for Leaders & Young Leaders to online training resources, many of these will have eLearning options, allowing you to complete the module at home, and then download and/or print a certificate which can be given to your Training Adviser. It is also important to collect evidence of you involvement with section meetings, and planning, as this will help get validations for modules quicker. Please ensure you fully read what is required for each module, and speak with your Training Adviser if you have any questions, or CLICK HERE for the Validation Guide.

Adult Training

Not all modules are required for all roles, your Training Adviser will be able to tell you which modules you need to complete for your role.

Module 1 – Essential Information

Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan

Module 3 – Tools For The Role (Section Leaders)

Module 4 – Tools For The Role (Managers & Supporters)

Module 5 – The Fundamentals Of Scouting

Module 7 – Scouting For All

Module 8 – Skills Of Leadership

Module 9 – Working With Adults

Module 10 – First Aid

Module 11 – Administration Training

Module 12a – Delivering A Quality Programme

Module 12b – Programme Planning

Module 13 – Growing The Section

Module 14 – Supporting Young People

Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour

Module 16 – An Introduction To Residential Experiences (required for Nights Away Permit)

Module 17 – Running Safe Activities

Module 18 – Practical Skills

Module 19 – International

Group Training Days & Courses – Book Via Training Calendar

Mandatory Ongoing Learning – Safety Training

Mandatory Ongoing Learning – Safeguarding

Mandatory Ongoing Learning – GDPR

Trustees – Introduction

Resource – Programme Planning Tool

Adult Supplementary Modules

These modules are required for specific roles within Scouting, and are not needed by everyone, please speak to a Training Adviser about any role you are interested in, and they will advise which modules you need to cover

Module 25 – Assessing Learning (Training Advisers & Nights Away Advisers) (Work Book)

Module 27 – Instructing Practical Skills

Module 28 – Facilitating

Module 29 – Presenting (work book)

Module 30 – Supporting Local Learning (work book)

Module 31 – Planning A Learning Experience (work book)

Module 32 – Delivering A Learning Experience (work book)

Module 33 – Planning A Learning Provision

Module 34 – Managing A Learning Provision (work book)

Module 36 – Adjustments To Scouting

Module 37 – Advising On Adult Appointments

Module 38 – Skills for Residential Experience

Module 39 – Mentoring And Coaching

Additional – Thinking Differently About Volunteering

Additional – Mixed Scouting Training

Additional – Effective Recruiter Training

Additional – Appointments Secretary Training

Managers & Supporters – Skills Courses

Managers & Supporters – Independent Learning

Managers & Supporters – Videos & Transcripts