Got Any Old Uniform?

8 February 2023

We’ve all been there…. your Young Person moves from Beavers to Cubs, then on to Scouts, each time needing a new uniform. Sometimes the Young Person will need a new uniform part way through a section, due to growing out of it. Then of course there is the favourite (amongst kids, not grownups) of lost uniform you replace, only for the lost item to turn up again.

So what do you do with the old uniform? Throw it in the bin?

We have a better option, if you are kind enough to donate your Young Persons used uniform to Bishopstoke Sea Scouts, we can then pass it on to a new owner. We currently provide 2nd hand uniform to those on low incomes for a suggested donation of £5 per item (£2 for used neckers).

This gives 3 massive benefits

  1. Used uniform doesn’t end up in landfill, or cluttering your home
  2. Those who cant afford the full price of uniform dont need to worry so much about kitting out their Young Person
  3. The Bishopstoke Sea Scouts Group receive a small amount towards Group funds, towards buying/replacing equipment or running activities.

We all know, that for some, the current cost of living crisis is really pinching. Scouting, for many Young People, provides a way to get out and about, learning new skills, and making new friends. Something a simple as not being able to afford to buy the uniform can put of parents from sending their Young People.

By simply dropping off any no longer used uniform items, at one of our normal meetings, we can get it to someone who would love it and take pride in wearing it, giving it a whole new life, and new adventures to be part of.